[Minecraft 1.15] Nether Update – Finally!

Goats, mountains, targets – this is just a small list of what Mojang managed to announce yesterday at Minecon. The next major Minecraft 1.15 update will be dedicated to Hell. Nether now, like the ordinary world, will represent a whole variety of biomes. And it is fundamentally different from the Hell we are used to. From now on, it will certainly not be bored!

Soulsand Valley

This biome is full of blocks of sand of souls, the skeletons of ancient dead animals will be scattered in it, and the fire will burn in blue. Yes, yes, yes, Minecraft now has a block of blue fire!

Nether Wart Forest Red

If you thought that Nether was too red, now you will see places even redder. This is a biome in which something like trees will grow, and also, apparently, some blue mushrooms will grow.

Nether Wart Forest Blue

And if red is still tired, then take a look at the blue version of the biome! This place is no different from Nether Wart Forest Red, except in color. Again, blue mushrooms and trees.

Piglin Beast
How can new biomes be without new mobs? A dangerous, awesome and beautiful mob that will serve as a food source in Hell. Moreover, it will be hunted not only by players, but also by pigs. The name Piglin Beast is not yet final, as is the case with the destroyer in Minecraft 1.14, the developers will determine it later.

Piglin (Pig)

Alas, pig zombies will no longer be in the game. Now there will be buckwheels and zombie buckwicks. Pigs live in Nether in small bastions. They are hostile to the player, however, if you dress in gold armor, they will not attack you until you try to rummage in their chests. Get ready for the battle with the Pigs!

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