Free Worlds and Redstone Point in Minecraft 1.16, Snapshot 20w21a

In this snapshot, we added support for arbitrary configuration worlds and custom dimensions. These are the first changes, so we would love to hear your feedback on this feature. Please note that this innovation is considered experimental for Minecraft PE Addons only!. Any settings of arbitrary worlds may change in the future; similar worlds in the list of worlds will be marked as experimental.

What’s New in Minecraft Java Edition 1.16, Snapshot 20w21a
Added the ability to choose how the redstone will look – in the form of a cross or a dot.
Added the ability to import / export world settings.
A new disableMultiplayer command-line option has been added that disables the Multiplayer button.
A new disableChat command line option has been added that disables the receipt and sending of messages in network chat.
Piglins admiring gold will no longer walk aimlessly.
If you injure a Piglin who admires a bar of gold, then the bar will disappear.
The likelihood of ore generation in basaltic deltas has been increased in order to balance the lack of nezerac in this biome.
Water lilies are now more often regarded as garbage caught during fishing than treasures.
Updated Mojang Studios and Minecraft logo.
Temporarily removed construction settings from the template settings of flat worlds (you can get around using the import / export functions).

The appearance of redstone

If you right-click on a single element of the redstone, it will change the appearance from a cross to a point and vice versa.
A dotted redstone will not transfer energy to neighboring blocks.

Technical changes
Added ability to control the height for the spreadplayers team.
Added support for arbitrary worlds and arbitrary measurements.


Added optional argument specifying the maximum height.

New command syntax: spreadplayers [under ]

maxHeight – a new parameter indicates the maximum possible height of the resulting position.

Design names are now lowercase.

Free worlds
Added experimental support for new arbitrary worlds.
On the world settings screen, it became possible to export world parameters to a JSON file.
When creating a world, you can import previous world settings.
You can set many new parameters, but they are marked as experimental. You can play, but there is no guarantee that they will be supported in the future (or at least in the next snapshot!).
The flat world settings string lost the settings of the structures (they are now stored in a common format for all worlds). Soon we will restore this functionality in one form or another.
Assorted worlds can no longer be created using, flat worlds have changed slightly. But in the future, support for arbitrary worlds will be improved.

Bug fixes
33 errors were fixed, among which the following can be noted:

The splash of fish was accompanied by subtitles “steps”.
Piglins instantly dismount from any entity on which they “sat down”.
Supporters stop attacking if they are very close to the player.

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